70-843 Szczecin, ul. Szybowcowa 28

Telephone: 00 48 609 770 475

Email: office@transspeedeuropa.pl

Transport & Freight forwarding

In the European Union

TRANS-SPEED EUROPA specializes in express transport in the European Union. We provide comprehensive services for transportation and logistics, including transport services and road freight forwarding as well as warehouse storage services



We specialize in express Just-In-Time transport throughout Europe.

We offer domestic transport and international transport in Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK. Place of loading and unloading goods is always individually adjusted to the needs of our customers.

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Freight forwarding

  • We choose the appropriate means of transport
  • We prepare transport documentation
  • We accept freight forwarding orders in electronic form
  • We ensure permanent access to information on the location and the status of shipment

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Our custom based warehouse and office space located in Szczecin, and qualified and experienced staff and warehouse logistics allows us to offer storage services at the highest level.

We have created the possibility of storing goods and transportation directly to production faciliies for our regular partners Dla naszych stałych partnerów handlowych stwarzamy możliwość składowania towaru i dowożenia go własnym transportem bezpośrednio na produkcję

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