70-843 Szczecin, ul. Szybowcowa 28

Telephone: 00 48 609 770 475

Email: office@transspeedeuropa.pl

About us TRANS-SPEED EUROPA transport company.

We are a transport and forwarding company operating on the market since 2010. We specialize in express Just-In-Time transport throughout Europe

Our fleet consists only of vehicles not exceeding three years old as well as experienced drivers, so that we are able to guarantee the highest quality service and timely deliveries. Our vehicles are exempt from the obligation to have a tachograph and can therefore travel long distances at higher speeds. We have all the necessary permissions required for the carriage of goods in Europe and additional transported freight insurance. Goods are transported on the same vehicle from the beginning to the end of transport (without reloading). Our mission is to provide reliable transport services. We strive to develop a strong position in this sector. Our customers are honest businesses from all countries of Europe, who appreciate the speed, security and reliability.

How we operate

  • We choose the appropriate means of transport
  • We prepare transport documentation
  • We accept freight forwarding orders in electronic form
  • We ensure permanent access to information on the location and the status of shipment

History TRANS-SPEED EUROPA has been operating since 2010


Relocation of company head office

In connection with the company's development and enlargement of the workforce we are moving into new, larger offices in the industrial area of Szczecin.


Licence obtained

TransSpeed obtains a license and certificate of professional competence.


Increase in our own rolling stock fleet

Our own rolling stock fleet and the number of training courses for drivers increases.


The beginning of business operations

TransSpeed has been operating since 2010 and specializes in providing services in the area international express transport

ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION Vehicle are not over 3 years old

Our business has a significant impact on the environment in the context of what we are doing continually with measures to reduce the environmental burden. We have undertaken the appropriate tasks, which greatly protect our environment.